Get Up! Stand Up! Show Up!

ARTIST:  Aleerah Baker

STORY: My artwork piece represents this years Naidoc theme - Get Up, Stand Up and Show Up. 

For me personally Get up, Stand up and Show up starts with us as individuals first. I have shown in the elements of my artwork this process, the importance of restoring the connection with family (through our traditional practices – fire & dance), connection to country (spending time on country – the leaves and nature elements of my artwork).  I was on country when I did this piece and my natural bush surrounds played a big part of my inspiration. The peace I feel on country for me is the best foundation to start getting up, standing up and showing up for myself first. Our elders holding spears shows our connection to our history and honours their work fighting for our way of life.

Lastly the whole piece altogether including the colours, represents how Getting up, Standing up and Showing up will ensure we have a promising and bright future!

If we can Get Up, Stand Up and Show up for ourselves we can then show up for our Family, Community and Country.

When all these elements work together the result is beautiful. We set the example for our future generations and empower them to do the same!

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18 products