About the Artists


Aleerah Baker is a proud Olkolo/Kutjala woman.

Aleerah is passionate about sharing her Indigenous culture through her artwork. I have always been creative, loving colour and having a natural artistic flair, but I only found my true outlet through my Indigenous art. I use a wide range of modern colours in the diversity of my artworks and hope to inspire joy and connection to country and family.


I am a Jirrbal/ kuku yalanji woman with a passion for creating contemporary Indigenous artwork. My artworks are a representation of our past and future Indigenous people as well as our long lasting culture. I use a combination of traditional colours mixed with bright contemporary colours. The bright colours are used to represent the diverse new generations and the future of our on-going culture. The traditional colours are used to represent the land, our people and our traditions being carried on.


Danielle is a descendant of the Bidjara and Wakka Wakka people of South West and East Queensland, Australia. 

Danielle creates bold, contemporary pieces that make people feel joy and connection, and her artworks are a unique expression.

Danielle’s work is guided by a deep sense of empathy towards her cultural heritage and family history, and invites unity and healing through the unique combination of culture and contemporary vision.



James Waterton is a descendant of the Gangalu and Iman People. 

Growing up in Rockhampton, Mt Morgan and Woorabinda, James started painting when he was a little boy. It was passed down by his father who is an Elder of the Iman People. After watching and observing what his father did and the different techniques he used while doing Indigenous art, James picked up a paint brush and started learning.

Painting for him is a hobby and he gets a great satisfaction out of finishing an art piece and one day hopes to have the opportunity to pass his skill and creativity to his sons.

His paintings can be described as being Modern traditional art.